Luigi (vocals/song writing)

Luigi has a voice of ‘note’! His voice is absolutely breathtaking, powerful and mesmerizing, yet haunting at the same time. He sings with such fire and emotion, you will find yourself gazing in wonder. It may seem as though his voice brushes past your face and down your back, leaving you with chills. Absolute serenity. Luigi has a strong and vibrant aura; he motivates and is very energetic. He is very charming with a clever humor to match. In his presence you feel inspired and honored, he is someone you can truly look

Salvatore (guitars/vocal backing/song writing)

Salvatore, initial founder of Filly Lilly, almost literally thinks in musical notes, brilliant in the very manor, he plays like that’s all there is to this world. You could compare it to experiencing vertigo; you become spell bound and dwell in the beauty, forgetting what is real and time present. As a person, Salvatore has a presence of life and passion that you can feel; you are left with total respect towards him. He has such a kind way about him, he is authentic and pure!

Rohan (drums/song writing)

Born June the 5th 1990 in his home town Pretoria, South Africa, grew up in a very musical and artistic family, which influenced him tremendously towards discovering his musicality. As a young boy he aspired to become an artist, it was only in his late teenage years he had come to the realization that he leaned more to music rather than art. At the age of 15 he began playing drums. In his high school years he was quite fond of punk and any other genre did not faze him too much, however over time he ventured into different genres; “Now I’m into everything but punk”.

Charles Dartagnan Geer (Joe Spanner) Bass & Song writing

When it comes to Bass, Charles would be the perfect guy to lay down insane tracks.
No rules No issues No stories No false pretense if this guy starts playing your jaw drops down a few meters
and you struggle to close your mouth.(more will be written here soon)

Playing drums has been a passion and has humbled him throughout the time played, he is ‘pretty ‘much” self taught yet he is always open to advice from others that may lead him that much closer to perfection.

During the course of growing up he describes his favorite artists; ‘in Flames’, ‘Between the buried and me’ and ‘Tori Amos’, as being part of his aspiration to pursue a career in drums.

“I believe that one should abide by the rules of music, except if one is good enough to break them – I’m not saying that I am haha and I know Filly Lilly will make it big ”

Rohan has a subtle yet powerful way about him and the way he plays. It’s as if he understands how drums want to be played and very well should be. Rhythm so precise to the very second, drumming so deep it speaks volumes. When he plays, one will notice immediately how much he enjoys himself. Rohan is such a delight, gentle and calm. He is loyal and has a helpful nature, thankful and giving. At first glance one cannot help but to adore him instantly!

The Staircase, Up…

Music is an international language, a mutual agreement upon things that liberate people and to create an atmosphere and express feelings, matters of the heart at bay.

Filly Lilly, like most breakthroughs, came to life after a series of events took place and were tried, test, embraced and acknowledged. Listening to the boys play is nothing short of the sensation of absolute bliss. A great deal of time and dedication is clearly evident – one can hear it in the music.
Luigi and Rohan were previously part of the band called Silent Siren, who is quite successful, but due to more individual goals, resigned. Salvatore, who is Luigi’s brother, studied jazz and had a waking vision for a band to call their own. Together, the three of them dove into a musical abyss and Filly Lilly was created.

Tedious Roads, Filly Lilly had their sights set and things had to get into motion, to linger was not an option. Spending a great deal of time with Filly Lilly, I saw first hand how difficult matters may become and how keeping one-self together is no easy task. Admiration for the boys quickly developed, working along side people who had the potential in helping Filly Lilly produce their first single and later an album, proved to be quite strenuous. However they never lost their devotion nor did they lose patients. An immense amount of co-operation and dedication is required.

Finally Filly Lilly paired up with Wolmer Records, the correct and suitable means to take their dream from pen to paper to a living work of art.
The journey to this magnificent splendor has begun…

The Music Ignites…

When listening to Filly Lilly play and seeing them go about their music, strikes a tender note. They not only construct and compose such beautiful melodies but its filters through them like wine through water. Never has a shadow of doubt been cast upon their music and the endless possibilities of sharing the music with the world.

Music is Their Virtue, considering that life itself hasn’t always been easy for Luigi, Salvatore and Rohan, music never took a back seat. Music has been an endless pursuit, the epiphany of happiness and freedom. Together they have composed and written songs that revive the mind and a feeling of being home bound lingers. Ideas on a cosmic scale streams through every chord played, every note reached and a drum roll to welcome applause

up to!

When Music and Souls Collide, it’s bound to be sigh to see! Together in the studio or at Rohan’s home in the music room, withered eyes and smiles of satisfaction mirror the perfection in this working progress after long days and sleepless nights.

When Filly Lilly is at work, a definite unity is visible. All three members share the same urge and love for music, every single member is involved in creating each song. A sense of brotherhood fills the air, disputes are rare and if they occur they are handled maturely and none is left feeling at a loss. They are complex and quite skilled at fusing individual ideas together. They uphold and congratulate one another; they never fail to support and encourage each other.

Filly Lilly’s music pays close attention to the finer details in life. Offering a spectrum of emotion that will appeal to anyone, originality is a strong foundation uplifting their music. The boys have devoted themselves to delivering what is promised from their music. They pay tribute to those who have inspired and influenced them, with melodies full; creating a time capsule that will captivating those who allow their music to ring upon their ears.
Filly Lilly has taken flight…

There is no Time like Show Time …

Filly Lilly is an absolute work of art; there is no doubt upon that. Things have definitely been set in motion, with a new track release on the way and a tour to take place January next year. In November the boys will be jet setting to the U.S where they will preform their first gig in Miami, Florida. The boys are very excited!!! “Breaking through to an international market is our ultimate goal!”

With much anticipation, Filly Lilly cannot wait to start preforming here in South Africa and spreading their music. Their music is sure to be time well spent when you give them a listen. With music so refreshing, it defines the very essence of what music should sound like.

Folks, keep you ears and eyes open! In due time Filly Lilly will be coming to a town near you; it’s well worth the time! They look forward to seeing you at their shows and promise that fans will not be disappointed!

“Our band is everything of anything.

Everything of anything; will never be enough to take us home, because home is where the heart is.

May your life journey be a peaceful one, to the soundtracks of Filly Lilly .
May our empty plates heal our broken hearts.”

Filly Lilly, spectacular things are about happen…

Luigi Zaca
Filly Lilly